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Actress Shruthi Hariharan Press Release
Friday August-04 2017

A movie which is genuinely accepted by the audience will automatically open the way for all the actors and technicians involved in the movie. Nibunan, 'Action king' Arjun's 150th movie directed by Arun Vaidyanathan, co starring Prasanna, Varalakshmi and Shruthi Hariharan has been having a very good run at the box office with tremendous support from the audience. Shruthi Hariharan who played Arjun's pair is all excited and thrilled about the success of Nibunan. 


She says , " What an incredible experience Nibunan was !!! I would like to thank Arun Vaidyanathan sir for this oppurtunity. It was such a delight to work with Arjun sir. I am so happy to see such a phenomenal response for the movie. Being a Tamil girl, this success becomes even more sweeter and special. My role in Nibunan of a cop's loving and understanding wife who has to balance and handle his sudden health issues and the trauma he goes through solving the case and how it affects his family life too, was really challenging. The insertion of a very intriguing emotional connect in the form of a family drama in an action film has given the film a very huge boost among the women audience. I am very happy i could pull of such an interesting and challenging role. Our whole Nibunan team worked so hard and this success is highly deserving " says Shruthi Hariharan. 


She is currently doing 'Solo' as one of the four leading ladies opposite Dulquer Salmaan directed by Bejoy Nambiar.

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