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Oscar Hero AR Rahman's 'ONE HEART' release on August 25th
Thursday August-10 2017

AR Rahman, the musical legend of current generation and the man who has strongly injected the joyfulness of tamil and indian music in the hearts of audience has now taken a new avatar as an actor through his first concert film - ONE HEART. 




Tamil audience will always have a special love for creativity and they welcome such creations in s greater way. In that case, it can be clearly said that they are going to thoroughly enjoy the newest genre - Concert, which is being created by the one and only AR Rahman. 


How a musician successfully completes his concert along with his music band is the core theme of a concert film and One Heart will be one such kind. 


Hollywood cinema has a pack of concert genre films which has been created, based on the concerts of several musicians, and Michael Jackson's This is it was one among them. Likewise, the script of One Heart will move on based on the concerts of India's leading music director, AR Rahman. Each and every music lover knows about the grand success of AR Rahman's America concert, in which the legend ARR has performed 16 music programs. All these 16 different programs has been binder together in One Heart. 


It is to be noted that the audio recordings of One heart has been created on Dolby Atmos, and with no surprise, the magical audio of one heart has made the Dolby atmos to act as the sponsor of the film. The quality of sound used in One Heart is also being recognised and appreciated by Dolby Atmos in a world class level. 


The premiere show of One Heart, which was screened recently in Canada has gained huge appreciations from the Audience, and very soon it is all set for a grand worldwide release. The film One Heart has got 16 songs which includes Tamil songs too. 


Speciality of One Heart


So far people would have seen AR Rahman's singing, his performance with his band, his oscar winning moments, but for the very first time the audience are going to witness the behind the scenes of AR Rahman's concert. This is what One Heart. It could be said that the film is a professional biography of AR Rahman and one Heart will portray the understanding between Rahman and his fans in a complete new dimension. How he composes a track? How he shared it with his orchestra? On what basis he selects the singers? And many more questions will be answered by the concert film One Heart, and the film is a mixture of different emotions which will definitely give goosebumps to the audience. 





One Heart will be soon released worldwide in Tamil, Hindi and English languages simultaneously. One Heart is expected to be released on August 25. 




AR Rahman and his band are the actors of One Heart and the cast also includes singers Haricharan, Jonitha Gandhi and many musicians and singers too. One Heart will clearly portray that why AR Rahman has selected a particular voice for the song? What is the background? What are the talents exposed from the performers on the stage? and many more unanswered questions will be answered in One Heart. It is to be noted that the age group of the entire crew of One Heart is not more than 30. 


To the Audience 


Not only songs, The concert film - ONE HEART will have all the qualities of a feature film and it will be thoroughly enjoyed by all sets of audience. The new concept INTIMATE, which means, a person thinks  for the people from the point of people has been introduced for the first time through One Heart. The film will also portray the fanatic moments of AR Rahman. One Heart includes Melody, Rap, Folk and the story behind that certain category music which will definitely steal the hearts of audience. Above all, it can be strongly said that One Heart will win the hearts of all category audience.

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