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’Goli Soda 2’ Movie Press Release
Tuesday April-03 2018

Every time when a song turns to be a Chartbuster, what becomes our inmost quest is the reason. In precise manner, it could be easily zeroed in that simple words, commendable instrumentals and the way it is balanced with good rendition of singers. Such ingredients attribute to the success beyond regular scale and becomes ever cherishing hit number. The recent sensation PONDATTI from Goli Soda 2 happens to be one such exemplified track that has gushed into our playlists letting us go for repeat mode. 


The song has topped the charts within a short span time that is adding more upon the expectations over the movie. “The basic ideation of the song was to make a cool, peppy and enjoyable number.  Well, we are happy that our expectations have become a reality now,” happily rejoices filmmaker Vijay Milton. He continues to add, “Achu could easily perceive the need of song and delivered it decorously as a composer and singer. In addition,Mani Amudhavan delivered his Midas-touch with his spell of simple yet catchy lyrics.” 


These days, the lyrics videos have become an additional source to turn the spotlights. In all likelihood, Vijay Milton thanks Think Music for emblazoning the song with such adornments. 


Goli Soda 2 has an ensemble star cast involving  Samuthirakani, Chemban Jose, Bharath Seeni, Vinoth, Essakki Bharath, Subiksha, Krisha, Rakshita, Rohini, Rekha, Saravana Subbiah and Stunt shiva in important roles and director Gautham Vasudeva Menon in a vital cameo role and many more prominent actors.


The film is produced by Bharath Seeni under the banner Rough Note Productions with Vijay Milton handling cinematography and direction.

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