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’Goli Soda 2’ Movie Press Release
Friday June-08 2018

The girl to next door looks, fluent command over Tamil and her cherubic appearance – Actress Subiksha distinctly possesses these traits. In natural essence, she has stolen the spotlights with these qualities. More than all, her efficient performance is taking her for a ride into promising projects and one among them is GOLI SODA 2, which has become the center of attraction in K-Town. Actress Subiksha managed to steal our attention with her promising performance in ‘Kadugu’ and she feels unconditionally happy teaming up with Vijay Milton and Bharath Seeni. 


Expressing a note of emotional contentment, Subiksha says, “Although my role in Kadugu was limited to minimal prominence, it gave me a decorous graph of popularity. I felt so elated to see people address me as ‘Kadugu’ Subiksha and desired if I would get an opportunity to work with Vijay Milton sir soon. But I never imagined that the offer would knock my doors sooner than expected.” 


Speaking about her character in the film, she adds, “My character in the film is Inba Valli, a bubbly one and is like girl-to-next-door. While discussing about the film, Vijay Milton sir told to be casual with my performance and no need to go for any ground work preparations.” 


Subiksha plays the love interest of Bharath Seeni in this film and she jokingly adds, “Last time in Kadugu, we have very little scenes together and I told Vijay Milton sir about it. It looks like, he took my words serious and brought us together for more intense scenes in Goli Soda 2. Bharath Seeni sir has done a good job in romance than action.” 


Goli Soda 2 is scheduled for worldwide release on June 14. The film comprises of star-cast involving Samuthirakani, Krusha, Chemban Vinod Jose, Saravanan Subbaya, Bharath Seeni, Essaki Bharath, Vinoth, Rekha, Rohini, Stunt Shiva and others 


The film is produced by Bharath Seeni under the banner Rough note Productions. S.D. Vijay Milton is wielding megaphone and cranking camera for this film. The stunt choreography by Supreme Sundar that everyone witnessed in the visual promos have already raised the bars of expectations. In addition, the musical score by Achu, particularly for the song ‘Pondatti’ has adorned the flavour of ‘Goli Soda’.

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