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’JIIVI’ Movie Press Release
Tuesday June-12 2018

Leaping with huge laurels and acclaims for a stupendous film like ‘8 Thottakkal’, producer M. Vella Pandian of Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas is back with his second production titled ‘JIIVI’. The film features Vetri (8 Thottakkal fame) in the lead role and it marks his second collaboration with the same producer. Ashwini and Monika have been signed to play the female lead roles in this movie. Furthermore, the star-cast comprises of Karunakaran, Mime Gopi, Rohini and Rama, who will be seen in prominent characters. 


V.J. Gopinath makes his directorial debut with this film, which has story and dialogues written by Babu Tamizh. Shedding lights on the film, Gopinath says, “The film deals with human emotions that are wedged between science and mysticism. The film is a suspense thriller with its screenplay completely designed in a unique style.” 


Praveen Kumar is handling cinematography for this film, which as Sundaramurthy.K.S composing music and National award winner Praveen KL is on editing. Vaira Balan will be taking care of art department. 


IB Karthikeyan Big Print Pictures is involved in the project as Line Producer.

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