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'12.12.1950' Movie Press Release
Monday August-21 2017

'12-12-1950' a fan biopic as described by the core team is  written, directed and acted by Kabali Selvah and is produced by Koteeshwara Raju under the banner Jeo Star'.  The movie's trailer which was released by Vijay Sethupathy become an instant hit among the masses and had touched the magic number of one million in a very short span of  time. 


"The success of the trailor proves that the popularity of Super star is always on the top. "Peru ketta summa athiruthu illa" is proved once again. Thanks to his loyal fan base. 12 12 1950 is a story line that i had  on my mind for some years now. When I narrated it to Koteeshwara Raju sir, he liked it so much and immediatly agreed to do it. Thambi Ramiah sir has done a wonderful job and has donned 9 get ups in this movie. Yogi babu, M S Baskar, Ramesh Thilak, Kumaravel and Aadhavan have done their roles to perfection. I have been an ardent Rajini sir fan for the past 40 years. I have written few scenes in this movie inspired from my real life experiences as a Rajini fan. After  writing this story I went and got Rajini sir's blessing. I am planning to get signatures from one lakh children as their promise and vow against smoking for my 'Anti Smoking bond' campaign and hand it over to Rajini sir during his this year's birthday. I have always wanted to Rajini sir reference in my name. Since the story is about him and his fans I thought this is the right time to do it and changed my name to Kabali Selvah. This movie is not just for Rajini sir fans but to everyone" , Says actor/director Kabali Selvah.


Actor Ramesh Thilak said, "Our whole team worked almost non stop day and night for 28 days and have completed this project"Actor Kumaravel said, "Kabali Selvah sir finished this movie in such a rapid pace but without compromising on the quality of it. His planning and execution were fabulous "Actor Ajay said, "After doing few films and waiting for its releases I got "12-12-1950" . This movie has come out wonderfully well without any compromises"

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