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Spanish Film Festival in Chennai
Tuesday August-22 2017

We are happy to inform you that we, INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION with the support of Cinema Republic, Spain, are organizing aSpanish Film Festival, from 28thto 30th August 2017at Alliance Francaise of Madras, 24. College Road, Chennai – 6, as per under-noted schedule: 


28 August 2017, 6.30 pm : Southern Cross / Cruz Del Sur / 2012 / 92 min / Dir:David Sanz, Tony López


29 August 2017, 6.30 pm, :The Exile / EL DESTIERRO / 2015 / 87 min / Dir:  Arturo Ruiz Serrano  


8.00 pm : MENU FOR TWO / 2014 / 88 min / Dir: Robert Bellsolà


30 August 2017 6.30 pm : CARMINA O REVIENTA / 2012 / 71 min / Dir: Paco León


7.40 pm : Hassan's Way / EL RAYO / 2013 / 86 min / Dir:  Fran Araújo


We shall be much obliged if you could kindly arrange to give wide publicity about the Israeli Film Festival at your ESTEEMED DAILY.  (For details: Contact – 2821 2652). 

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Friday February-23 2024

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