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'Kannum Kannum Kollaiyaadithal' Movie Press Release
Friday July-20 2018

If love stories are evergreen, what makes them more perpetual in celluloid is the musical embellishment. Irrespective of language barriers, if many love stories have managed to steal the heart and soul of universal audiences it is precisely due to the spellbinding music with freshness. Feeling the need to paint the love in Kannum Kannum Kollaiyaadithal, Director Desingh Periyasamy has got a bunch of fresh talents onboard. Kerala’s most fascinating and well celebrated music band – Masala Coffee, which have become the conquerors of contemporary generation is getting onboard for this breezy romantic drama featuring Dulquer Salmaan and Ritu Varma in lead roles. 


While the shooting of this film has been completed, the director had signed up these vigorously enthusiastic musicians to compose music. Much invigorated with the inclusion of these talents, Director Desingh says, “We wanted the music to be more fresh that would eventually add more colours to this love story. Naturally, with handsome Dulquer and gracefully elegant Ritu Varma, their presence and the drama needs to get more enlivened through music. So we felt this young team would do complete justice. Although, they had earlier composed music for Uriyadi, it was recreated from their erstwhile albums. But Kannum Kannum Kollaiyaadithal will have fresh songs. The film has four tracks and will differ in genre to offer an exceptional experience.” 


"The popularity of this band in the social media is mind boggling. The ever swelling fan base of this band made me have them on board. I'm sure with the most youthful team on board both in the list if cast and crew "Kannum Kannum Kollaiyaadithal " will be a film for the youth, by the youth and to the youth" says producer Anto Joseph of Anto Joseph film corporation who possess a great track record of producing many big and successful films in Malayalam.


It is worth mentioning that KKK happens to be the 25th film of Dulquer.

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