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GV Prakash as 'Kuppathu Raja'
Saturday August-26 2017

Superstar Rajinikanth's super hit movie titles always oozes positive energy and are always in trend among the masses. G V Prakash who is on the golden run in the Tamil film industry as a commercial Hero joins  popular  choreographer Baba Baskar who is making his debut as a Director for a film with a title from one of the superstar's films. 


Interesting titled 'Kuppathu Raja' ,This commercial extravanza is produced by Mr.Saravanan.M,Siraj.S, Saravanan.T under the banner 'S Focuss' and it is co produced by Padur Ramesh  Executive Producer Karnaraajaa. With a list of rich casting list comprising Parthiban Radhakrishnan,  M.S.Baskar, Yogi Babu and "Jangri" Madhumitha playing  very important roles in the movie "Kuppathu Raja" has Poonam Bajwa and Pallak lalwani playing the leading ladies. G V Prakash compose the  music, Mahesh Muthusami handles the cinematography , editing is done by Praveen K L, Anbu Arivu  and Dilip Subbarayan are the stunt choreographers and Kiran D.R.K is the art director.


"We are basically film distributors who have gotten into movie production and to an larger extent we know the pulse of the audience quite well.We must say that G V Prakash is becoming an asset among the youth audience and is a producer's and distriburor's delight. His presence as a commercial Hero in the industry can be gauged with the huge visibility he had attained very early in his career.  We were pleasantly surprised when Master Baba Baskar narrated this script to us. We could not guess that he had such a wonderful director in him. His  making style and presentation was also of top notch. We accquired Rajini sir's 'Kuppathu Raja' title not only because it is a very famous title but also because our movie demanded it. We thought 'Kuppathu Raja' would fit the bill perfectly " says 'Kuppathu Raja''s producers in an uniformal voice. The shooting of the movie is completed and the post production work is going on in full swing.This absolute commercial entertainer will be releasing during Christmas holidays said the Director and added "A joyous movie  for a joyous occasion". 

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