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Arya as Ambassador to St.Angelos VNCT Chennai Singhams Premier Futsal​ Team
Saturday September-02 2017

Premier Futsal, the world’s biggest Futsal tournament is setting new benchmarks and reaching newer heights by announcing several associations and developments for its much-awaited Season 2. Premier Futsal welcomes aboard St. Agnelo’s VNCT as the team owners of St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams. 


Premier Futsal, the world’s first multi-national franchise-based Futsal league, also announced South’s leading actor Arya as the co-owner and brand ambassador of St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams at a glittering event held in the city.  


One of the leading real-estate developers in India, St. Agnelo’s VNCT aims to cultivate the sport in Chennai by providing the right guidance and professional training to Premier Futsal Chennai 5’s team.

Commenting on the announcement, Vimala Britto – Vice Chairperson, Premier Futsal said, “We are happy to associate with St. Agnelo’s VNCT as the co-owners of St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams for Season 2. With a mission to grow the sport in India, Premier Futsal is dedicated to engage with today’s youth by encouraging their participation in the sport by enabling them with right direction and guidance. It’s an honour to have aboard Arya, the renowned actor as the co-owner and brand ambassador of St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams. Arya’s association with the team and league, we help in taking the game to a wider audience making Season 2 a bigger, better and more enriching experience for its fans.”

Mr. Rajesh Agnelo, Co-owner of St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams said, “I am proud to be the co-owner of Premier Futsal Chennai team and also very excited to be associated with the league which is gaining acceptance and momentum in the country.”  


Nagu Chidambaram, Co-owner of St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams commented, “The inaugural year of Premier Futsal witnessed a huge fan following, making its way as a leading sport league in India. We are extremely excited to be associated with Premier Futsal Season 2, where we will ensure no stone is unturned to take the league to reach new frontiers thus supporting it to be an integral part of one of India’s fastest growing sports properties.”


Talking about his association with Premier Futsal and St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams, Actor Arya stated, “I am proud to be the co-owner and brand ambassador of St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams which is promoted and co-owned by St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures. Premier Futsal is an exceptional platform that aims to promote and increase the awareness of futsal through investing in talent hunts, community building and infrastructure development, all culminating into the 3-week tournament celebrating the best talent in the world. Being an avid footballer myself, I will ensure that St. Angelo's VNCT Chennai Singhams wins Premier Futsal this year and makes a mark for my city Chennai. The people and city of Chennai has always supported whatever I have done in my career and now it is my turn to support Chennai in making it as a winning team in the league, which is the biggest in the world.”


Premier Futsal, the world's largest futsal promotions company is bringing football legends, futsal superstars and home-grown talent on a unique platform in a never-seen-before made-for-TV product. Season 1 was broadcast in United Kingdom, Middle East, Europe, South America and South East Asia regions other than India and Season 2 only promises to be bigger and more engaging with more match days, greater number of host cities and a varied range of global superstars all set to participate in the sporting spectacle. 


Premier Futsal Season 2 kicks off on September 15 in Mumbai while the final will be held on October 1 in Dubai. The tickets for this marquee-sporting event will go live soon and will be available on Paytm.

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