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'Uchakattam' speaks 4 Languages!
Tuesday March-19 2019

The award winning Director and the Suspense-Action-Thriller Specialist Sunil Kumar Desai, comes out with a multilingual mystery flick, this time in four regional languages namely, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.


The movie named “Uchakattam” in Tamil, and “Udgarsha” in Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam is slated for release on 22 March 2019.


R Devaraj on the behalf of D'creations, has produced this movie and is to be released worldwide in Tamil by AGS Cinemas. 


Sunil Kumar Desai, known for his impeccable skills to weave mystery stories, this time has a great entertainer to offer, sprinkled with the suspense, twists and turns, and remarkable action sequences in this soon to be released movie. The humongous response of the trailer has set the right tone for the movie release.


This movie has been spun around the scheme of events that happen in the 48 hours that constitute a New Year’s Eve.  The murder which takes place in the resort creates a chaotic situation and makes it an impossible task for the lead characters to achieve their goal.  This character driven mystery flick, based on the mysterious incidents that occur in a resort, under different themes from murder to betrayal, love to lust, conscientiously coated with the requisite mystery and violence sends chill down the spine.  The dramatic change of events, the crazy characters, and the real hidden agenda behind the murder forms the plot of this movie and the effective screenplay keeps the thrill till the last frame. 




Thakur AnoopSingh who played villain in Singam 3, plays the male lead in this movie.  Thakur is a fitness freak, a body builder, a health conscious person to the core, who has several international fitness awards to his name, has carved out a niche for him, and is already blossoming into a versatile actor in the reckoning. Thakur Anoop Singh has SaiDhanshika and 'Tadam' Tanya Hope playing female leads against him.


‘Vedalam’ fame KabirDuhan Singh plays the antagonist.  Adukalamkishore, BahubaliPrabhakar, ShravanRaghavendra, Vamshi Krishna, ShraddhaDass have played their roles to perfection. 


About the Director:


Sunil Kumar Desai is a four time Kannada State award winner for his impeccable contributions to the Kannada Film Industry. It was his much acclaimed first movie ‘Tarka’ (1989) that earned him two state awards for the best screen play and the best director.  PuriyaadhaPuthir (Mystifying Puzzle) is a 1990 Indian thriller film directed by K. S. Ravikumar in his directorial debut. It is a remake of the 1989 Kannada film Tarka.  Sunil is known for his skills in bringing entirely contrasting subjects as movies, cutting across the patterns, and refusing to be set in a mold. His impressive list of movies includes Tarka, Utkarsha, Sangharsha, Nishkarsha, BeladingalaBaale, NammooraMandaraHoove and many more.

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