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Director Thankar Bachan's new venture!
Sunday July-21 2019

In Various language more than 40 movies worked as cameraman, then Tamil movies like Azagi, Solla marandha kadai, Pallikoodam, Onpathu rupay nottu, Kalavadiya polutukal etc. these movies has been directed by Thankar bachan, Now he is going to start up new movie project as director after a long gap, since he casted Satyaraj, parthiban, Cheran , prabudeva they all played unique character roles in his previous movies, as we can say he is one of best and unique director and great script writer for Tamil film industry, now he started with new project and he is going to introduce his son Mr. Vigith bachan as HERO in our Tamil film industry.


Since he has been directed and focused on village stories with deep rooted sentimental and family subjects, now for a change he’s going to direct massive bash commercial entertainment hit with comedy mixed story which will be based on Chennai city life.


Saidai Duraisamy in Thankar Bachan movie Pooja


Thankar Bachan’s Son  Vigith Bachan playing lead role (HERO) in this movie and comparatively he is playing different and unique character with equally to  Munishkanth,Milano Nagaraj,Dinesh Master and Ashwini casting as heroin in this movie, and Dance master dinesh in important Charector. Mansoor Ali khan, stunt silva and yogiram casting as negative role (Villain), Music director Tharun kumar, Cameraman Prabu Dayalan and Shivbhaskaran. Editing Sabu Joseph, Art director Sakthi selvaraj, stunt director silva are all associated in this project. New production house PSN Entertainment producing this movie.


Film shooting was inaugurated by our former Chennai city mayor and opening ceremony of camera was start up by Human rights Chairman Mr. Saidai Duraiswamy. Business man Steve Borgia clapped for first shot. And leading technician, actor and actress are invited for inauguration, entire film shooting is in Chennai in single schedule to go.

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