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‘Vizhithiru' release on October 6th!
Saturday September-16 2017

There are few films that keep the creative clock of the audience tickling forever inspire of a delayed release. 


'Vizhithiru' starring Krishna, Vidharth, Venkat Prabhu and Dhanshika has gained the reputation of being one of the most expected content oriented films . It is reported that the Film.will finally see the light on 6th October. 


"This wait is indeed painful. But we exist in an industry where the predictability is the most un predictable word. I thank 'Shoundaryan pictures' who are going to release our movie. The blessing factor is the content stay fresh and that will engage the audience in a big way. We have a proper combination of Creative content and commercialism. Iam sure the wait will be worthy for the audience." says Director Meera Kathiravan.

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