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Soundararaja’s New Avatar!
Sunday September-17 2017

Followed by the success of such beautiful, calm and an in-depth friendship oriented movie “Oru Kanavu Pola”, Actor Soundararaja takes a new vibrant avatar in his career.


Actor Soundararaja appears as the most intellectual and sharp minded Assistant Commissioner in his upcoming movie ’Abimanyu’. The actor, who has put in all his immense efforts for this particular role, appears to be a very majestic cop for our vision.


The movies pilot video has been released today. Usually such releases are made by famous film personalities, however unlike the usual this movie being a cop story, the team desired to make the pilot video get launched by a police official.


As they had wished the video was launched by a higher cadore police official Mr. Asra Garg who is an I.P.S officer (Asra Garg I.P.S). The entire movie crew felt this as an honor and a great privilege for their movie.


Asra Garg I.P.S is known for executing elections in villages like Paapapatti and Keeripatti, which were banned from conducting elections for many years.


The movie ’Abimanyu’with many interesting twists and turns through the script is been directed by a debut Director Shakthivel. Saran who has done cinematography for “Oru Kidaayin Karunai Manu” movie is doing the cinematography for ’Abimanyu’ too.

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