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Nippon Paint joins hands with Playback Singer Mr. Srinivas
Monday March-09 2020

Nippon Paint (India), Asia’s leading paint manufacturer today launched NenjilOruVannam, a music video conceptualised and created by celebrated playback singer, Mr. Srinivas. Produced by Nippon Paint, the music video aims to shed light on how art and music can help individuals envision a desirable future for themselves. The launchwhich was held at the PVR Screen, VR Mall yesterday, saw the participation of young artists and music enthusiasts alike. Singer Srinivas, along with Mr. Mahesh S. Anand, President, Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division), launched the video which was greatly received by the audience.


This strong collaboration between Nippon Paint andSinger Srinivas has resulted in NenjilOruVannam, an empowering video which focuses on the girl child and her struggle to shine in a challenging environment that refuses to acknowledge her talent. The project, which encourages one to follow their passion all through life, is very close to Mr. Srinivas as it weaves through his own success story as well as others who have followed their passion. 


Speaking about the initiative, Mr. S Mahesh Anand, President – Decorative Paint, Nippon Paint India commented “Nippon Paint strongly believes in empowering women; be it our nshakti initiative which providesemployment opportunity to rural women by providing them painter’s training, or our efforts to empower women employees at the workplace. We could not think of a better way to offer solidarity to the girl child struggling to nurture her talent in a challenging environment. We are delighted to produce this video by Singer Srinivas and contribute to this noble cause”.


Speaking about the event,popular singerKalaimamani Srinivassaid, “All of us dream. Without a dream,life becomes a mechanical exercise. So it is important to dream. Someone will come along to color your dreams and make it a reality. That’s when life becomes meaningful and wholesome. Never clip anyone’s wings and never pour cold water over one’s enthusiasm. Empower the young by coloring their dreams and make them Soar High”. 


As part of the NenjilOruVannam campaign, competitions were held for school children across the city. Participants were encouraged to draw or compose song lyrics envisioning their dreams. The best drawings and compositions were felicitated by Mr. Srinivas, who personally handed out the prizes to the selected winners.



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