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Actor Vishal breaks the ice gracing awards ceremony to honour Mithali Raj
Sunday September-24 2017

Few actors have been predominantly sticking ideologies of particular ideas and practices. For Vishal, he has never been a part of award ceremonies for years and now he turns everyone in deep amazement for breaking the ice. 


Actor Vishal attended the JFW awards that were held last night in Chennai, which was a grand affair. Despites his busy schedules of film projects and his commitments with Nadigar Sangam and Producer Council, he made his way for the occasion. This is all for one reason – to honour Indian Women Cricket Team Captain Mithali Raj. 


Sharing his greatest and graceful moment Vishal says, “Normally, I don’t prefer attending award functions, but attended JFW awards, only because I had to honour none other than Mithali Raj, Indian Woman Cricket Team Captain. I earnestly admire her as a fan not alone for her determination and hard work, but for placing Indian Women Cricket on the world map. I was high-spirited meeting and honouring her for the way she has inspired young girls, who aspire to make it bigger in sports at near future. A Good memory to relish for life….”

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