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Maragathakkaadu The Real Gem of Movie in Reel
Monday September-25 2017

The Film Maragathakkaadu  is making  a History itself in the History of a Century old Tamil film industry as the First  movie filmed thoroughly in the Forest Region. Away from the hassle of the city this movie is all set to drill its place in the hearts of the people.


This film is directed by debut Director Managaleswaran and Produced by half century old Production House R R Films headed by Shri K Raghunathan. With the debut crew of  Ajay , Raanchana and others, experienced actors like Malayala Movie Director Eliyas Kathavan, Bava Lakshmanan, Ramachandran, J P Mohan joined their hands to make a perfect team of Actors. The Director is winning his first goal by making it hard to distinguish between the tribal acted and actors lived as tribal in this movie.  And of course the Forest and cataract are the natural hero and heroine of this movie.


“This film speaks about the destruction of forests for paving the way to expand the Civil area, true  life of tribal who depend on forest materials for their livelihood and belief of tribal in a responsible way” - thunders the Director.  Further he narrates, there was no artificial lighting  used while shooting and the entire movie was shot at Kerala, Tamil Nadu border forest area no plastic material was utilized and thus the film promotes the significance of Protection of Nature.  He is pretty confident  that  the camera angles  will make everyone stare in awe and the film is a real feast for nature lovers.  He concludes with worried voice that “Save Air Campaign time is approaching fast and you may have to shell out your hard earned money for breathing air”.


The hero comes to Forest with his superior for mineral research and in  due course falls in love with a tribal girl. His simple life  getting twisted by storm of  research results, the tribal belief and his life goal.  How he manages and how the nature disposes them is the key of the Story. The story touches deeply not only love affairs but also forests, tribal and their way of living, minerals of forest and the exploitation of the same by private and government agencies and many in a correct proposition.


With the Strong Support of young artist  crew consisting of Director of Photography Natchathra Prakash, Music director JeyPrakas, Lyrics Viveka, Sarathi, Meenachi Sundaram, Arun Bharathi, Ravindran  Editor V J Sabu Joseph, Art Martin Titus B.F.A, Dance S V Joymathy, Stunt Miracle Michael, Pro A.John  the shooting of this film got over and the Final works are happening with the expectation of early release  announce the Film Producer and Director in a Chorus Voice.


Set amidst the lush green forest this movie is prone to take your breath away and has won critical acclamation for the same.

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