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Ranveer Singh's ’83 kick-starts its’ journey amid huge fanfare
Thursday September-28 2017

The victorious Cricket Team of 1983 along with Director Kabir Khan and Ranveer Singh kick started the journey of their film ‘83 amid huge fanfare.


The Indian Cricket team’s victory at the 1983 World Cup in England has been one of the much talked about moments in the sporting history of our country. This was the first ever time that any team apart from the West Indies ever won the world cup. And it was the first time ever, that an Indian team won any prominent tournament.It’s almost as this win taught India to win!


The film which follows this incredible journey of a bunch of players from a low-ranked team, who went on to beat the big stalwarts of the game, is produced by Phantom Films, Vishnu Vardhan Induri of Vibri Media, Reliance Entertainment and Kabir Khan Films.


The Indian team that comprised of Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath, Sunil Gavaskar, Kirti Azad, Yashpal Sharma, Srikkanth, Roger Binny, Balwinder Singh Sandhu, Sandeep Patil, Syed Kirmani, Madan Lal, Ravi Shastri, Dilip Vengsarkar & Sunil Valson, and their manager P R Man Singh have contributed towards the finalizing of this story. Most of them were present at the ceremony to show their love and support towards the film.  They filled the environment with various emotions as they took the audience down memory lane and relived their most cherished moments. Ranveer Singh, who is all set to play the role of one of the greatest all-rounders of all time, Kapil Dev, engaged in an interesting tête-à-tête with all of them. Kapil has been a phenomenon that inspired generations of people, as he showcased the true grit and determination of a winner. It will be interesting to see Ranveer,who has delivered landmark performances with each movie, play a sportsman for the first time. The other casting of the film is in progress.


Kabir Khan who is one of the most celebrated directors shared a few insights on his vision for the film and what is in store for the audience. 


The film has been the talk of the town ever since the news of its inception started making the rounds. 

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