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The French Loaf paying tribute to women in cinema!
Thursday September-28 2017

The French Loaf, the fastest growing bakery & confectionary chain in the country is back again to create history with the longest photo cake event in Chennai.  For the seventh time, The French loaf will be baking the longest photo cake and will be displayed at Pheonix Mall, Chennai on 3rd October 2017. 


The occasion will be graced by Mr. M. Mahadevan Chairman & Managing Director, Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Reynold Fernandes – CEO, Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. Special guests of the event will be actress Ms. Suhasini Maniratnam, Ms. Radhika Sarathkumar and other well known personalities. The theme for this special cake will be women in Cinema.

Baking of the cake would be spearheaded by Chef Boopesh - Corporate Chef of The French loaf with the help of 14 other experienced chefs. 560 kgs of chocolate mix, 150 kgs of fresh cream, 325 kgs of dark chocolate, 100 kgs of white chocolate,  100 kgs of cold glaze gel and 1000 Icing sheets will used during the process of baking this cake.


The 1000Kg cake will be sold at Rs.1500 per Kg, and the money collected from this event will be given for charity. The proceeds of the sales from the photo cake will be handed over to ‘Tanker Foundation, Jeevan Steamcell Foundation, Naam Foundation based out in Chennai to help the underprivileged. 


Speaking of the continuous success of this event every year Mr. Reynold Fernandes – CEO, Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. says, “Our Chefs have worked together to prepare this  cake as their act of giving, we are happy to celebrate this event”

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