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Game On movie looks fiery and is ready to hit the theatres Worldwide this summers!
Tuesday April-11 2023

How a guy who wants to end his life accidentally enters a Real time game, what are the tasks in the game, what is the reason for  him to be picked in the game, who is playing this game and what’s the ultimate reason for the whole is going to be the core drama of the movie. It’s going to have a lot of twists and turns, has a unique love story. Almost all the characters in the film are grey and how eventually all the characters unfold is shown in a maddening manner says lead actor Geetanand with the Producer in a recent interview. 


The main lead Geetanand and the producer Ravi kasturi are college friends, who are fulfilling there dream of making a high voltage mainstream film. The producer confidently says, After Ratham movie success, Geetanand’s Game on is going to put him top of the list for the upcoming hero’s. He has proved himself as an action hero in this film, the character he played is a very tricky and also an intense one. 


The producer of the film is happy to be collaborating with Geetanand and Dayanandh,who is the director of the film. Daya is 27 years old but the movie he has made show the expertise he with holds as a mainstream commericial and aesthetical film maker. He is going to make a mark with this movie and his game in the industry is going to start off.


The coordination and the desire both the brothers has is mind blowing says the producer in an interview. Geet is super confident that Game On is going to be super hit film and they reach heights in the industry. 


They also have a great star cast in the film. Madhoobala, she is playing a very important role In the film. She is never played a character like this and I’m sure all the new age movie goers and family audience will connect immensely with her role. Adithya menon, who has made an exclusive mark with Karthikeya 2 is playing an intense character in the film too. They have Neha solanki playing the female lead, she has done an amazing job in terms of performance and glamour too and also have subhaleka Sudhakar garu, Kireeti, Big boss fame Vasanti Krishnan playing important roles in the film too. 


The team mentions to be feel very proud to say that they have made  film which will be remembered for the next 10 years because it’s not just a movie, it’s another world and it’s worth every penny and risks taken through the journey. 


They have released the First glimpse one month ago and received very good appreciation for the kind of approach we took. The teaser was launched by Vishwak Sen recently and received tremondrous response for the visuals, direction, Bgm, performances and the unique play of the game. 


The first song was release on 9th of march called Richo Rich featuring the nawab gang. We were recently trending and one the best rap gang in Hyderabad. They are happy to have them on board as it’s a first mainstream film too. The song is already trending on YouTube and other platforms as it reveals how the colourful money illuminates in this murky reality. 


They have reacently released theyre second single Padipothunna sung by Anurag Kulkarni and Harika Narayan, which hit 2 Millions views in 2 days and the track is trending on all the social media platforms. 


They have more interesting updates coming soon. We are already getting interesting offers for Ott streaming deals, Hindi rights and other language rights too. They are planning on releasing the film in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously this May. The promotions have started and are going to come up with interesting concepts and publicity  tours too. 


From the teaser and the songs it’s seen that the crafts in the Movies have done an amazing job collaboratively. 


They are veey confident too that all the audience will receive the movie with big heart as the audience have exposed themselves to worldwide content and their taste for good content has been getting better everyday.

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