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'Pistha' start today
Friday July-28 2017

Any script with rural authenticity supported by the right casting are always welcomed and supported by Tamil cinema lovers. Subramaniyapuram , Paruthiveeran and kalavaani are classic examples for that. 


Actor Shirish, who grabbed everyone's attention with his debut movie METRO, is all set to star in a rural based comedy script which comprises of a very apt cast and crew. Speaking about this, Shirish says, "Yes I am very happy to share the news that i am going to do a village based rural entertainer. Editor of the film METRO,  Ramesh Bharathi will be directing this project."I knew he had been working on a script from the time he was editing METRO. After completing the script when he narrated it to me I just loved it. When he offered me the lead role I wasted no time in saying yes and grabbed it immediately without letting it get away. 


I play a guy who works in local santhai. The title is "Pistha".The audience will know why he is called Pistha in a Few days. Mrudula Murali of the  Malayalam movie 'Ayal Njanalla' fame will be playing the female lead and Arundhati Nair of 'Saithan' fame is the second female lead. The music will be  done by Dharan. Since it's a humour based script, the director was very particular about the other cast too. Sathish, Namo Narayanan,Swaninathan,Yogi babu and Sentrayan have come on board to be a part of the cast and I am sure their brilliance combined with such a hilarious script, it's going to be a laugh riot in the theatres. We are starting the shooting on August 2nd and are set to shoot the complete movie in and around Kumbakonam and Karaikkudi. Pistha is full of Celebration,Love& Comedy.This is Dharan's 25th movie we are glad to have him on board"concluded Shirish with confidence .

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