May 29, 2020 02:38 PM

‘Sillukaruppatti’ fame Halitha Shameem’s next movie announce

‘Sillukaruppatti’ fame Halitha Shameem’s next movie announce

Unveiling a glimpse of “Minmini”, filmmaker Halitha Shameem of critically acclaimed Sillukaruppatti has instantly stolen the spotlights by commuting us into the world of her new creation. What instilled more curiosities to her league of buffs is the citation she marked along – “How real is the survivor’s guilt? How far would you go to live the dreams of your loved ones? That thin line between love and hate? Why teens are more emotional than adults? Minmini is a tranquil cloud that descended upon me and I have been working all these years to do justice to it.”


Well, this might look short phrased, but the keywords – “Teens, Survivor’s Guilt, Love ‘n’ Hate, Emotional Teens, etc” throw baggage of questions upon us. The filmmaker in an unruffled state of mind gives us some insight into the world of ‘Minmini’.


Director Halitha Shameem says, “The journey with Minmini has been heartening as I explored the best emotions while delving into the world of teens. This phase of life as known to all is inclined to purest emotions, mostly found in extremity that might look ambiguous for others outside the zone. Be it the celebrations of success, the joy of love and pain of loss, the adolescents are prone to high doses. This raised myriad questions in me, which indeed propelled to proceed with the crafting of a story with teens as protagonists.” Having quoted the terms like ‘Survivor’s guilt?’ and ‘tranquil cloud’, the emotions at farthest poles apart, we are yet again puzzled. This time, Halitha prefers a tight-lipped gesture saying, “That’s something audiences will have to experience in theatres rather than me opening up.”


The critically acclaimed filmmaker had kick-started the shooting of ‘Minmini’ even before the commencement of her second directorial outing ‘Sillukaruppatti’, which was a huge success. Halitha says, “Yes, I started shooting the film soon after the release of my directorial debut ‘Poovarasam Peepee’ in 2014. Few portions of the film demanded the kids to appear as grownups and I had to give a break for the shooting. Now that the kids have grown up, we will be resuming the shoot shortly in time.”


Minmini features child artistes Gaurav Kalai, Pravin Kishore, and Esther Anil (Drishyam and Papanasam fame) in lead roles. Manoj Paramahamsa and Abinandhan Ramanujam, who was associated with Halitha’s Sillukaruppatti as cinematographers are producing this film.