Feb 20, 2024 01:13 PM

The first of its kind app aims to bring communities together

The first of its kind app aims to bring communities together

Kynhood Technologies, a new-gen media service platform, launched KYN, afirst-of-its-kind truly hyper-local Appthat strengthens communities, today. Dr.PalanivelThiagarajan, Minister of Information Technology and Digital Services, Government of Tamil Nadu unveiled the app. ‘KYN’, an acronym for Know Your Neighbourhood, aims to facilitate seamless communication within the hyper local community.


Speaking about Technology at the launch,Dr.PalanivelThiagarajan, Minister of Information Technology and Digital Services of Tamil Nadusaid, “Technology has brought many benefits and positives to many individuals, to society, to countries. Perhaps most of all in the field of education, where it has greatly democratised the access to knowledge. Too many of our children, spend their times on screen, on phones, on tablets, on the internet and we see increasing isolation, increasing polarizationin society. 


He indeed expressed his happiness during the launch.“I think in a platform that can afford the space for local business, local talent, local communities to connect, we will start to see a healthier economy, healthier internet utilization and eventually a healthier society aswell. I think this a valuable application for us as a society”, added Dr.PalanivelThiagarajan.


Introducing the app, Ms. GayathriThyagarajan, CEO, Kynhood Technologies said, “Kyn is the ONLY platform that triangulates television, print, and social media for the hyperlocal community.Chennai, our first market, has been divided into 14 zones and each zone will have its own television, print and social media. Kyn is a platform not only for promoting talent - arts, sports, entertainment etc, but will alsohelp home entrepreneurs and small businesses in neighbourhoods grow their marketplace. Besides this,influencers even with smaller follower count, can make a bigger impact in the neighbourhoods, as there is a finite number of residents in each area. We also provide a great opportunity for established brands to promote and customise their offerings in each hyperlocal zone.Kyn will have both publisherand user-generated content, all carefully curated to provide users with high-quality entertainment and information about everything in their neighbourhood”.


Other guests present at the launch includeVita Dhani, Founder of Dani Foundation & Governing Board Member of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), Tennis legend Mr. Vijay Amritraj, Padma Bushan awardee and scientist Mr. Nambi Narayan and actors Mr. R Madhavan&Mr. Siddharth.


Key Features of KYN


LIVE: The app allows users to watch all important LIVE programmes from anywhere in the country or around the world, including new happenings, daily spiritual content, and local events like school or college cultural events and sports days.


UGC: The app has an infinite platform where users can create and publish their own content to showcase their talents, establish their voice, and share their writing skills. As a neighbourhood platform, the users can be the voice of their community and grow in popularity faster than any other application.


Marketplace: A unique concept that enables local businesses and home entrepreneurs to create their own neighbourhood marketplace. This provides identity, opportunity, and, most importantly, a way to avoid feeling lost in the real world.


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