Apr 13, 2021 07:36 AM

Viveks new ACFinder makes buying an AC, a hassle free and trusted experience


With summer around the corner, the relentless sun is beating down on us. Sweltering heat and rising temperatures make living hard. With many working from home, the extra burden of heat makes work difficult. The cooling solace of an air conditioner is a much-needed relief. 


As always, the start of summer ushers in a variety of advertisements and offers to sell the ‘best AC’. Many want to add an extra AC for their home or exchange their old AC for a newer efficient model. With multiple vendors and brands in the market, it’s confusing for the retail consumer to make an informed decision. Various parameters like AC tonnage capacity, energy efficiency, energy rating, monthly electricity usage etc can boggle the mind. Customers often get entranced with catchy advertising and marketing. They buy ACs without adequate knowledge and regret the costly purchase later. 


However, at Viveks customer satisfaction is paramount. Vishal B S, Marketing Head, Viveks reiterates this fact and says ‘For the last 5 decades, our motto has always been to offer quality electronics at affordable prices. To help consumers in this digital world, Viveks has reinvented itself to attract the current net-savvy generation. Viveks’s newest launch is geared towards providing the same iconic Viveks customer experience from the comfort of your home.


Viveks ACFinder makes choosing the best AC for your needs super easy and convenient. With the click of a button and answering a few questions, bring home the air conditioner of your dreams. Customers get to choose from numerous models from brands at competitive prices. They can compare the various features and make a wise decision before investing. 


Customers have to open the Viveks AC Finder and fill in details regarding their place of stay. Select the preferred choice of Split AC or Window AC, next decide on the size of the room, following which select the price range. The app lists a wide range of air conditioners from reputed brands with the best price depending on your requirements. For example, if the customer chooses, Split AC, small bedroom and within Rs. 25000 budgets, the finder lists choices from brands like Daikin, Haier, Samsung and many more brands. The customer can study the various options and make the right choice.




Most international brands like Daikin, Haier, Blue Star, Voltas, Lloyd, LG, Samsung and many others are available at Viveks.  ACFinder is available Viveks.com/ACFinder


After sales, the AC is swiftly delivered to the customer and installation of the AC is done by trained technicians within 48 hours to 72 hours.


Viveks has been Tamil Nadu’s leading electronics retail chain for the last 55 years. Built on customer trust and service, Viveks is a household name with customers from many generations. Their client-centric business approach and quality electronics at competitive prices have made Viveks the preferred retail store by customers and industry alike.