Sep 22, 2022 08:37 PM

The 12th edition of ’Navarathri Nadha Vaibhavam’!


Arun Excello is delighted to present its  twelveth  edition of Navarathri Naadha Vaibhavam. The event is scheduled to be held at Music Academy from 23rd to 25th  September 2022. 


Arun Excello is organising this Carnatic music series as a part of their CSR to promote Art & Culture. Through this event, opportunities are given to young & emerging artists who showcase their talents both in Carnatic vocal & instrumental. Leading Artists also participate in the event to add the much needed enthusiasm. 


The idea of conducting Navarathri Naada Vaibhavam is that as per our tradition during Navarathri 9 days festival in every house, the invitees are requested to render a song in the praise of God and Goddesses.  Keeping the tradition our company has been doing this for the benefit of all the Rasikas especially during Navarathri as all the music festivals happen during Margazhi.  


This year's program has a good blend of performances by experienced artists and young artists. Navaratri also gives us a great opportunity for us to pay tribute and thank the artists who fill our lives with music. The line-up of artists from Day 1 through Day 3 are Abhishek Raghuram (Vocal), J.A. Jayant (Flute), Palaghat Dr. R. Ramprasad (Vocal), Shanthi Suresh (Vocal) and Vishaka Hari (Sangeetha Upanyasam).


Arun Excello extends a very warm welcome to the rasikas and to the performing artists of this season who have been the pillar of strength in supporting this Art form to reach greater significance and to a larger audience.


The event is non-ticketed and all rasikas are welcome!