Jan 12, 2023 04:43 AM

Confidently Grow with DeepSphere.AI


DeepSphere.AI organized a conference “TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP TO CONFIDENTIALLY GROW WITH DEEPSPHERE.AI” on 09.01.2023 at Hablis Hotel, GST Road, Chennai.


Our Co-Founder, Mr. Jothi Periasamy, Managing Director, Mr. Venkatrenga Gupta, and Marketing Director, Mr. Hariharan D.K, from the Management Board, inaugurated this prestigious investment and product launch event.


Our Managing Director, Mr. Venkatrenga Gupta, welcomed all the investors, channel partners, and special guests from top institutions by giving a welcome note and an introduction to DeepSphere.AI.


Our keynote speaker, Mr. Jothi Periasamy, Co-Founder and Chief AI Architect of DeepSphere.AI, elaborated on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and in what way AI is important to pursue higher education and careers for students in AI, and how our cutting-edge curriculum will fulfill the needs of the students, professionals, and enterprises to achieve the requisite knowledge and expertise to become successful in the field of artificial intelligence.


In addition, DeepSphere.AI is excited to announce our new AI courses’ “Product launch” for students from schools and colleges. Our mentor, a Board Member of the University of California, and Chief AI Architect, Mr. Jothi Periasamy, designed these interdisciplinary curricula to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the real world.


A strong foundation in AI will be inevitable for our students as they move on to higher education and careers. Our AI courses will give students a head start in this exciting and fast-growing field with the rapid advancement of AI technology and the increasing demand for professionals with AI skills.


Our AI curriculum is broken down into three levels- Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. It covers the key concepts and technologies of AI, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation, and Computer Vision.


We are thrilled to offer these courses to our students, and they will have a transformative impact on their education and future opportunities. Therefore, we encourage all students interested in AI and technology to enroll in our AI courses.


Launched Products

1. Applied AI for Schools - From 6th to 12th Grade - Segmented into Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels.

2. 9 Certificate Course - For Professionals and Enterprises.


Our Marketing Director Mr. Hariharan D.K greeted the audience and discussed the pricing information of our Next-Gen Learning and ended his speech. Ms.Pratiksha thanked with a special vote of thanks to all the channel partners, investment partners, Chief guests from top institutions, and media people.


Last but not least, the management of DeepSphere.AI honoured all the employees for their hard work and dedication.