Feb 21, 2024 04:30 AM

The Hidden Legacy of India's Iconic Classical Dancer-Dr.Sheeba Lourdhes


In the realm of Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam stands out as one of the most revered and intricate art forms, embodying centuries of tradition, culture, and spiritual expression. At the heart of this captivating dance style lies the influence of legendary performers who have elevated it to global acclaim. Among these luminaries, one name shines brightly - that of Dr.Sheeba Lourdhes, a trailblazing figure whose artistry has left an indelible mark on the world of dance.


Indian women have always been a Heady Mix of beauty with brains. The victory of Indian women across various paths of life recently has proven that they have earned this reputation very deservingly. When observed deeply, we will realise that one of the key contributors to our society have been the extraordinary involvement of some very goal-oriented and dedicated women. The women activists have played a vibrant role in eradicating many social devils and have been a shining beacon of hope. Few of them have demonstrated excellent devotion in their respective fields.  This article is about one such women who is specialized in many fields and hence clearly deserve a standing ovation.


Dr. Sheeba Lourdhes is best known as a Classical Dancer, social reformer, Technocrat, Beauty Pageant, Writer, Philosopher, and a Business Strategist.Born into a family deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of India, Dr.Sheeba Lourdhes was introduced to Bharatanatyam and in public service at a young age. Being an academic topper, Sheeba also excelled in sports both in field and track events at her childhood. Her father instilled a strong social conscience, while her mother who herself was a Bharatanatyam dancer taught her to be independent minded. Under the guidance of eminent gurus, Dr.Sheeba Lourdhes displayed an innate talent and unwavering dedication to the classical art form, quickly mastering its intricate footwork, emotive expressions, and storytelling techniques. In addition to Bharatanatyam, Sheeba had mastered her favourite classical Mohiniyattam dance.


Being a crazy technocrat, Sheeba went to Croatia, Europe for her first IT Technology project after completing her bachelors in IT Engineering. The organization which hired Sheeba themselves have supported her to do her Masters in Cognitive Psychology and Ph.D. in International Business looking at her value ads to them. She also won Miss Tamilnadu Beauty Pageant and earned Miss Beautiful Eyes and Miss Beautiful Hair of South India subsequently. Interestingly, Sheeba performed Western dance on her talent round on her Miss Tamilnadu onstage event considering the demand of conventional dance movements from audience. When she was asked by people, if acting or creating career in Classical dance is her interest, she humbly responded 'Fashion and Art is my Passion, and can never be my profession’. She continued telling her philosophy ‘Beauty is not about having a beautiful skin, or body. It's about what's within. If you have a good and a pleasing personality, then you must consider yourself beautiful from within’. 


She loves to play around with advanced IT Technologies and in short span with her leadership skills, she elevated herself as Business CIO of one of Nordic Banks managing 30-billion-dollar portfolio managing global Centre of Excellence team single handed. She won Technology related awards and Best Young Engineer Awards from ‘Institute of Engineers’ affiliated with UNESCO. She loves travelling and have admired the beauty of 45+ countries in-person. She always mentioned her as a greedy person who starves to revolve around the globe to witness Mother Nature beauties of our planet. Amidst her journey in IT Industry, only her NEAR ONES know other beautiful part of her life which she never exposed to outer world. She adopted four abandoned children of various nationalities in Sweden and was dedicating her teenage to get them stabilized in their life.


When she was asked why she participated in beauty pageant when she has not accepted Fashion and Dance as her career, her stunning response made everyone wonder. She participated in such contests to self-assess her skills, as beauty pageant is not only about beauty but also attitude and IQ matters. She continued with her response that she always longed to create positive impact to the society which will be more powerful when preached by a public figure than common man. She used her Classical dancer skills and beauty pageant title to promote social and human rights-oriented organization and events. She was one of key person who rescued many Tamil workers from abroad. She was holding National Postings in many Human Welfare Organizations but still led a ground to earth lifestyle. As a cognitive psychologist, she is also giving counselling for family, women, children and her service in rehabilitation centres is unimaginable. Being a social person from rear view, only her closest circle knows she is highly traditional and always sticked herself to her philosophies adamantly. 


Dr.Sheeba Lourdhes's performances in World Trade Centre in Stockholm, Sweden and in other European countries mesmerized audiences with their seamless blend of tradition and innovation. With each graceful movement and nuanced expression, she effortlessly conveyed the essence of ancient mythological tales, historical narratives, and spiritual themes. Her captivating stage presence and impeccable technique earned her widespread acclaim, both in India and on international platforms.The astonishing fact is she was using her Classical dance skills only to raise funds for the Charity reasons and always relied on her IT profession for her income.


She is a Founder of 'United Samaritans India' foundation, the community which focuses on highly specific areas of the society that needs support and help, particularly, grief-stricken women, children, differently abled, underprivileged & animals that are suffering abuse. Her organization plants 5 lakhs country trees every year and they create urban forestry in possible landscapes.She is proud to share with us that she has so far planted 25 lakhs trees in her life via urban forestry projects. She regularly conducts 'Mega Hunger Relief Programs' fulfilling hunger of 1500 slum, gypsy people, homeless and mentally retarded. Also supports differently abled to live independently by improving their skilled areas. She also won 'Sevaichemmal Mother Teresa Award'and other National/International awards for her distinguished contributions in service world. Every year she targets 2500 people to register themselves for Eye Donation and her all time project is Tree Plantation. And she herself a full body donor and regular blood donor.


Yet, her greatest legacy lies in the hearts of those who have been touched by her artistry - a legacy of beauty, grace, and profound storytelling that transcends boundaries of culture and language.But she is recognized by Indian society as Social Reformer more than a Classical dancer as she is one among rare individuals who defy conventional boundaries and excel across diverse industries, leaving an indelible mark on each path they tread.


Though Sheeba had not continued performing any classical dance post 2014 as her primary focus was in Technology industry, even today, Dr.Sheeba Lourdhes's influence continues to resonate across the world of dance and in charity world, inspiring artists to explore the timeless beauty of Bharatanatyam and its capacity to evoke the depths of human emotion and spirituality. As audiences continue to be enraptured by the magic of her past performances, Dr.Sheeba Lourdhes remains a shining beacon of excellence, reminding us of the enduring power of art to uplift, inspire, and unite us all, depicting the artistical form of expressing humanity to the Charity world. 


People need legends because they convey important messages about morality, values and ideals that provide guidance and inspiration for generations, no doubt that ‘Dr. Sheeba Lourdhes’ is one among them.