Oct 10, 2017 03:48 PM

Arokya Malaysia Launches its Indian Operations at Chennai


A trusted brand and a reliable brand which had won the hearts of millions in Malaysia now steps in to Indian Market to support the needs of many.


Aokyam Stevia, a herbal replacement of Sugar storms into Indian Market, to serve the millions who are restrained from enjoying something sweet that would scale up their calories.


Stevia is a herbal product that can be consumed by any as per their need to sweeten their morning coffee, sweets and anything that may need sugar as an ingredient.


Grandly inaugurated by the Hon'ble Minister of Information and Broadcasting, TamilNadu - Shri. Kadambur Raju on 9th October 2017 at Shop No.17/39, VGP Mall Mount road, where the first sale was initiated by Chevaliar Dr. V.G.Santhosam, the Managing Director of Arokyam, Shri. Ganesh Veerayah preceded the Event with a smile welcomed the guests,delegates and members of the Press fraternity.


Shri.Ganesh Veerayah spoke to the press about his vision and mission in launching Arokyam Stevia in India, stated that the primary ingredient Stevia is a herbal plant that does grow in Paraguay and is imported from there to cater the needs of the people here. He added that this product would also help in stabilizing the body metabolism since the herb is well known for its capacity to reduce weight, helps in maintaining a healthy Skin, reduces hair loss and has no side effects like any other artificial sweetener.


Mr.Jaswant Singh, an Industrialist by Business and a Social Activist by Passion is the one who had been advocating for the use of Stevia in India for many years. He expressed his thoughts on the launch of Arokyam Stevia as a product that would be something revolutionary in this Indian Market since most of the products available now are in powder form which would require an filtering after being boiled with beverages but Arokyam Stevia is in liquid form that can be carried easily and since the concentration is high, it requires only a drop to make a coffee sweeter than sugar.


Chevaliar Dr. V G Santhosam, the business tycoon proudly recommended to switch from sugar to Stevia since he had been using Stevia  for the past few months which has given him amazing results, which had made him to instruct his staff to add Stevia instead of Sugar in the beverages served in his Office to his visitors. Besides, he also wished Arokyam Stevia to become a successful brand in India that could help solving the pain of millions who have diabetes.


Hon'ble Minister Shri.Kadmbur Raju, who inaugurated the Office greeted and wished Shri Ganesh Veerayah for tracing back his roots to TamilNadu from Malaysia and wished him for this wonderful product that could help not alone in health but also can boost business and job opportunities for many by distributing and selling this product. 


Ms. Dharini, the Indian coordinator for Arokyam products added more benefits that women could be having by using Stevia in their daily life since Stevia would balance the metabolism of essential harmones and would help in their monthly routines being normal and painless. 


The prominent guests included Anand, Alagamma, Sathish and Sivaprakasam from Malaysia, Raja from Mauritius, Prof. Sivakumar, Prof. Ponki Perumal, Ravikumar Of Kural Malai Sangam, Film distributor Ramesh, Entrepreneur ElaVijay, Director AR  Rajanayagam, Graphic designer Shanthakumar were part of the Event. 


The arrangements for this prestigious event was coordinated and precisely executed by Shri. Media Bhaskar, selvaragu (pro) and  Ladder Chezhiyan.Kumaraswamy.