Aug 22, 2017 02:45 AM

Book Launched - Madras on My Mind – A City in Stories


Chennai, Aug.22 : Madras on My Mind – A City in Stories, was launched by its editors Chitra Viraraghavan & Krishna Shastri Devulapalli, as a part of Madras Week Celebrations at Odyssey, Adyar.


Talking about the anthology, Mr. Krishna Shastri Devulapalli said, “I would describe Madras as a safe and inclusive city, which is a massive plus, considering the times we live in. What we were looking for were not the usual, stereotypical depictions of Madras, instead, we were looking for quirky, edgy takes on our city.”


“The book is a mix of veterans and first-timers. Readers will find the book  familiar yet unique Madras/Chennai, seen through the lenses of the different writers, every one of them from a different background/point of origin”, says Ms Chitra Viraraghavan. While most of the book consists of short stories, there are several superb non-fiction pieces as well. The challenge, really, was in trying to find pieces/stories worthy of inclusion, and that took time and patience, she added.


The launch was followed by an enthusiastic interaction with the contributing authors featured in the book. An audience quiz based on the book was also organized.


About the Book:


Madras on My Mind is about a travel guide who falls for a French tourist, a rice merchant with Kollywood dreams, a god whose editor proves elusive, a portly musical lawyer caught in a noir plot and a man in search of family in the Great Madras Flood.


Find yourself, among other places, in Town, at that gastronomic oxymoron, the Udipi café, in Velachery, looking for pot or maybe for love, on Kaanum Pongal day all across Madras, even in a fast car on East Coast Road, fleeing the city – till it lures you back with its lovely lies.