Apr 08, 2018 08:43 AM

Janani Iyer in Thalappakatti Super Women 2018


DindigulThalappakatti Biryani Salutes Women and Womanhood by honouring women with ‘Thalappakatti Super Woman 2018’ on 7th April 2018 at Velachery, Chennai.


JananiIyer, Actor and Model was the Chief Guest at the event along with spectacular women achievers Mrs.Deepika, Director, Thalappakatti, Dr.Vani Vijay, General and Laparoscopic & Breast Surgeon, Ms.EktaNahar, Fashion Designer and Ms.Nandini Reddy, Writer / Editor.

JananiIyer, the Chief Guest launched a new Biriyani product, the Sunday special ‘NaattuKozhiBiriyani’ to mark the brand’s entry into its 60th year!


Thalappakatti Super Woman 2018


It all began as DindigulThalapakatti Biryani’s humble acknowledgement of the huge contribution of two women from the family towards the brand. Silent women, who have been robust pillars holding the business aloft. The first, Mrs.Kannammal, wife of the founder, Nagasamy Naidu. It was her exceptional Biryani recipe that sparked the idea of taking this mouth-watering delight to the public. The second, Padmavathy, Kannammal’s daughter-in-law, who smoothly took over the reins and oversaw every aspect of making the biryani…Women, without whom the brand wouldn’t exist.


This done, the need to celebrate womanhood then spread. Thalappakatti went on to inviting stories about women achievers – from every walk of life – irrespective of age, education, background. Inspiring women with extraordinary stories. For Thalappakattibelieved that women were the true architects of society. The search was on – to select the Thalappakatti Super Woman 2018.


The response was overwhelming. Entries poured in from all over. And selecting the Super Woman 2018 was no mean task. And now the winners were celebrated and honoured as ‘Thalappakatti Super Woman 2018’.