Aug 19, 2017 07:04 PM

Kamadhenu Jewellery launches the ‘MAHUVA’ series celebrating womanhood


Chennai, Aug.19 : Kamadhenu Jewellery launched the ‘Mahuva’ series at a grand event held on 18th August at The Folly, Amethyst. Their four new collections of jewellery - Purva, Subra, Brinda and Raya – were showcased at the event.


Suhasini Maniratnam attended the fashion show and auction event that was a party of the launch. Many of Chennai’s best socialites also graced the event.


Strong, magnificent, impressive, giving & sustaining - these are some of the qualities of Mahua – a tree that grows in the Indian forest and a lifeline of Indian community which nurtures the gift of nature. These sterling qualities are shared by women who are both muse and creator, protector and protected, beauty and strength.


Celebrating womanhood, these four collections feature exclusive jewellery pieces, each, specially handcrafted to suit your style and taste. The Mahuva series has something to offer for everyone.


Kamadhenu Jewellery is a premium jewellery brand trusted and recognised for their impeccable craftsmanship, signature designs and timeless quality. Established in 1970, Kamadhenu Jewellery carries a tradition of passion and perfection, to create exquisite masterpieces that are treasured for a lifetime.






Celebrating the grandeur and intricacies of our centuries old temple art, Purva is a tribute to the illustrious legacy of our ancestors. Immersed in ethnic opulence, Purva announces its arrival in modern times with a soul of ancient heritage. With craftsmanship that only traditional artisans can replicate, every jewel is unique and profoundly detailed. The infusion of some of the rarest gem stones add to the mystique charm of this collection.




Inspired by some of the finest designers, the Subra collection is delicately crafted light-weight jewellery. A contemporary collection curated in 18 carat gold, it’s encrusted with precision cut diamonds. Each piece of jewellery transforms an ordinary moment into an unforgettable memory.  There’s no need to wait for an occasion to flaunt your diamonds, your every stride is a moment of contemporary glamour.




Add vibrancy to your day with our light weight collection bejewelled with precious gemstones in vivid hues. With stunning designs crafted in 18K gold, each piece is flawlessly enamelled with precision cut diamonds and pure gemstones. The celebration of colours in Brinda is designed to lift your spirits and infuse your day with infectious energy and fun




Simple, elegant and easy to carry for your day-to-day life, Raya is made for today’s confident and ambitious woman. The Raya collection is exuberant yet graceful. This ultra-light collection helps you win subtle power battles within yourself. Raya reiterates that diamonds are forever and breaks the rules that you can’t wear them to work! Crafted in 14 carat gold, painted with the finest diamonds, each piece of jewellery is designed to brighten your day to perfection.


Speaking at the launch, Managing Director of Kamadhenu Jewellery/Group, Mr. Vinod Sharma said that his personal motto is the quote by Dr. Abdul Kalam, “Dreams are not what you see in sleep. Dreams are something that don’t let you sleep.” Propelled by a vision of creating a ‘Company of Values’ that holds customers on par with family, he believes in constantly challenging himself and reinventing his business.


He is a tireless and focussed entrepreneur with a passion for starting and growing companies across industries and developing win-win partnerships. Under his adept guidance, Kamadhenu Jewellery won the Quality Brand Award for Prime India in 2015 while Prime India Healthcare was conferred the Excellence Award by the Nation Chambers of Industry.


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