Mar 16, 2018 03:50 AM

Nippon Paint Launches Its First-Ever Gaming App for Children


Nippon Paint (India), Asia’s leading paint manufacturertoday announced, the launch of afirst of its kind gaming app ‘My Blobby’for iOS and Android mobile devices. Following the phenomenal success of their ad campaign featuring their brand mascot, Nippon Paint brings children’s favourite ‘Blobby’ to the Real and Virtual world. 


Talking about the launch, S Mahesh Anand, President – Decorative Paint, Nippon Paint India, said, “We are excited to launch this innovative gaming app featuring Blobby, which has now become a household name across Asia. This innovative move illustrates our initiative in reaching out to children and teenagers. Blobby is synonymous with the exuberance, fun and colourfulness of our brand. Until now, Blobby has remained an adored character, but our new attempt will focus on making it more engaging and relatable for children.” 


Mr. Mahesh Anand adds, “The strategy is furtherunique, as no other paint brand has ever attempted to develop an augmented reality gaming and petting app for kids. We hope that our endeavour resonates well with our target audience- children and achieve 2 million users for this app.”


The gaming app helps inbuilding concentration and grooming skills in kids through a combination of games, videos and activities.The games and the video content in the app have been rigorously tested ensuring that they offer a positive learning experience for youngsters. Children can now enjoy a virtual game that would allow them to adopt and take care of a blobby. They can even interact and customize the look of their blobby from over 15 styles. 


Innovative features in‘My Blobby’ gaming app: 


Activities to help children learn and grow:


Some sections of the game are aimed at developing cognitive skills. Children can now easily learn different colours, build things, learn housework and grooming by adapting the same to their blobby.


Engaging user interface: 


It also has a dynamic 3D petting game, where the user can adopt and take care of Blobbies. 


There are two modes- Normal and AR (Augmented Reality) based on user preferences. With the AR mode users experience Blobby in the real world using their phone camera.


Rewards and surprises:


After completing every level, users will be rewarded with new blobbies and additional features will be unlocked. Upon continuous login,they will get a Blobby keychain on the 30th day.


Upcoming update: 


The gaming app will be updated with an additional voice recognition feature that will allow users to control the Blobby using a voice command. 


‘My blobby’ App is developed by Skytou studios and is available for free on Google and Apple Playstore. 


You can now download the gaming app at: 

Google play store:


Apple play store: