Mar 16, 2018 03:45 AM

SII launches India’s first-ever Online course on Deafblindness


Sense International India launches India’s first-ever Online course of Deafblindness and a Short-film about two deafblind adults Anjali Chauhan & Senthil Kumar on 14th March 2018 at Hotel Vijay Park, Arumbakkam, Chennai


About Sense International India


Around 500,000 people in India are unable to both see and hear. Deafblindness is a unique disability that combines both hearing and visual impairment, making mobility, learning, communication and understanding extremely difficult.


Sense International India, also known as Sense India, supports and advocates for better care, education and livelihood opportunities for children and adults with deafblindness across India and neighbouring countries. Currently we are reaching out to over 77,500+ individuals with deafblindness through a network of 59 partners in 22 states. 


About the Online Teacher Training Course 


This Course is India’s first online course developed to train educators to work with persons with deafblindness. The goal of this course is to impact significantly the delivery of rehabilitation services to persons with deafblindness by assisting people to be knowledgeable, regarding the unique considerations of providing quality and accessible services to this unique population. Although the course materials are specifically designed for teachers and rehabilitation professionals, it is acknowledged that the course content may be of wider interest to parents, caregivers and other multi-disciplinary professionals working across health and social care, enabling each of them to fulfil a crucial role in understanding the educational settings and to meet the needs of persons with deafblindness. 


About the Short Film


Sense India launches a short film called ‘Hum Hai Na’ that highlights the efforts and impact of livelihood training provided to a deafblind person. Nearly 430 deafblind individuals across India are learning trades or skills to lead a productive life. The short film ‘Hum Hai Na…’ shows the impact of vocational training in the life of Anjali Chauhan from Raipur and Senthil Kumar from Wayanad. The film mainly emphasises on how two unique individuals, living in two different situations, can be successful just like you and me if provided with the right opportunity.