Feb 15, 2018 05:48 AM

UNANU brings Technology solution to Indian Logistics Sector


UNANU Logistics, a company offering the latest communication, online payments and tracking technologies to the transportation industry, announced today that they will be launching in Chennai and the surrounding areas in Tamil Nadu. Since the company’s founding in 2017, UNANU Logistics has been solely focused on bringing the latest tools through the web and mobile platforms to transportation companies nationwide.


Logistics industry in India is seeing a rapid growth with many factors contributing, such as the changing tax system, industrialization and entry of foreign players. However, one of the challenges that the industry face is the poor infrastructure such as road conditions, lack of manpower and organized supply chain. Providing solutions to one of the major challenges, which is the unorganized demand management and supply chain, UNANU a truck aggregator app was launched in Chennai.


“Technological adaptation in the logistics space is at a relatively slower pace, particularly for small to mid-size businesses in India, making it the perfect market to introduce our product & technological capability.” says UNANU Logistics CEO & Founder Srini Sundar. At UNANU, we are currently engaging with a large set of fleet owners & transportation/shipping companies to showcase how our revolutionary product can lower shipping costs and freight charges, so companies can improve their quality of service, rather than just the number of shipments.



UNANU will benefit the shippers by providing quality freight services and on the flip side, the fleet owners can effectively manage the utilization of the vehicles. “In many cases, the vehicles return empty or have to halt for days together to get an order that they can ship back. To provide return load support, UNANU will be a great platform,” he further adds.


The scenario of tech driven logistics in India is emerging over the last few years and bringing a digitized solution to truck aggregator will automate processes like delivery status, load find and driver payment providing real time updates on consignments from pickup to delivery. “This model of business will minimize the operational costs and expenses on deadheads, thereby enabling efficient use of fuel,” he concludes.


About UNANU- UNANU is a logistics technology startup providing tracking & communication solutions to shipment companies and fleet owners in India. Driven by the company’s motto of the 3 T’s (Trust, Time and Technology), UNANU’s core products aim to satisfy customers through established relationships, transparency and effective technology. Being one of the first companies to bring revolutionary logistics technology to companies in India, UNANU is poised to disrupt the transportation industry and fulfill its mission of being the world’s most reliable transportation technology solution. After a successful round of product testing and client acquisition, UNANU is aiming to capture the Indian marketplace rapidly before expanding to larger markets such as North America & APAC countries. UNANU is currently raising funds for its first round of funding, after closing a successful seed round.


About Srini Sundar & The UNANU Team: Srini Sundar is an industry veteran with a unique background in the fields of Software/IT management and Logistics. Prior to founding UNANU Technologies and working as its CEO, Srini was in California, USA, managing multiple cloud managed solutions and ERP implementations for large clients such as Oracle, Google and various verticals like Pharma, Manufacturing, food, and technology companies. Additionally, prior to switching over to the IT sector, Srinivasan was a partner at his family Logistics business, a renowned national paper transportation firm (Chandra Transports) located in Erode, TN. He is holding BS in Computer Science and MBA.


The larger team and board of advisors for UNANU come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and companies as well, including operations, software development.The company is currently advised by Sesh Sundaram (Managing Director, CME Group, Chicago& Ex CTO of Bloomberg, New York) and many more veterans ranging from Transportation company executives to Venture Capital firm partners in India and USA.