Jan 20, 2018 10:54 AM

Viswa & Devji’s PVR launched at Ampa Skywalk


Viswa & Devji presented their latest wedding collections, Dazzle and Razzle, with a fashion show at Ampa Skywalk on 13th January 2018. Actor Ganesh Venkataram and his wife Nisha walked the ramp as the show stoppers featuring the best pieces from their fabulous wedding collection.


Since Movies & Diamonds are Forever, Viswa & Devji’s PVR was launched at Ampa Skywalk. Both Movies and Diamonds touch hearts. Exclusive Luxury Diamond Jewellery Brand, Viswa & Devji to carry out its first ever 360 degree exclusive brand along with the Naming Rights of PVR in Ampa Skywalk mall. Diamonds embodies the ideals of perfecting love while a movie outing at a cinema offers the perfect ambience for professing love for one’s partner. With a movie audience at PVR comprising of primarily 77% youth, 40% women & 60% men, Viswa & Devji has devised a 360 degree brand promotion plan to reach out to this premium audience showcasing it exclusive diamond jewellery range, ‘Dazzle’ for women, ‘Razzle’ for men and ‘Transformia’ modular jewellery that cut across age barriers. Diamonds have been linked with love for years. The ancient royalties proposing their dream princesses presenting a dazzling diamond ring which continues till today with a romantic gesture among couples to express their affection with a halo engagement ring. Cinema delivers 55% on ‘Brand love’ score and consumers are far more likely to pay a premium for what they love. Love measures consumer’s emotional affinity with a Brand. Cinema is a catalyst to ‘together time’ for couples, families, friends and peer groups and hence the experience of bonding over the shared experience of a film rates much more than other entertainment avenues. This ‘Together time’ is hard to find and harder to penetrate. Cinema provides a state of mind that exists in no other medium. The audience gets into the most receptive frame of mind owing to voluntary surrender to the environment. Moreover Cinema provides perhaps the ultimate opportunity to brands to stand out from the crowd, differentiate themselves and create an emotional connection with audiences. 


Viswa & Devji chose PVR Cinemas to carry out their brand promotion as PVR patrons are the kinds that are willing to pay more for a better lifestyle. “For our brand promotion, we needed thrust on the quality of awareness, what our customer will remember us for which only PVR could provide”, says Mr. Anirudhan Grandhee. “Our brand awareness will get supplemented by means of on-screen and off-screen activities at PVR”, he added.


Designing a custom piece of jewellery is an amazing way to demonstrate how well you know your heart. A custom-designed jewellery is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind representation of your unique taste and relationship. If you have a vision in mind of what you want your custom engagement ring or wedding ring or any diamond jewellery to look like, Viswa & Devji helps you design your own with the help of its heartisans. Viswa & Devji’s heartisans enable you to bring your ideas and dreams to life in a piece of jewellery that was designed just for you; a piece that you will treasure and will be proud to pass down to future generations. And while stories get told in movies, many stories get unfold at PVR cinemas itself. All over the world people are discovering the joy of capturing the moments, lives and legacies of their loved ones, in the heart of Viswa & Devji’s perfect diamonds. This experience is highly emotional, personal and almost supernatural. Because Viswa & Devji believes diamonds are unique as you are.


The Various Launches During the Occasion:


Dazzle - Wedding Collection


Undoubtedly, diamonds are something that can take a woman’s breath away and these precious stones are rightly called every woman’s secret desire feels Mrs. Aishwarya Gupta of Viswa & Devji Diamonds. Women have been fascinated by beautiful diamond jewellery pieces all through the centuries and this fascination is not going to fade for the centuries to come. This Wedding Season look a class apart with our wide range of Dazzle Wedding Collection. Choose from a wide, wedding wear collection of luxurious and elegant jewellery and leave a little sparkle wherever you go.


Launch of Razzle - Men’s Collection


Traditionally, men wore more jewellery than women; especially royalties has a penchant for it. However, times have changed and nowadays women often wear more (diamond) jewellery than men says Mr. Anirudhan Grandhee from VIswa & Devji diamonds. We want to bring about a change and here's where Razzle Men's Collection takes light. Explore the top line collection by Viswa & Devji Diamonds including Diamond Studded Watches, pens, spectacle frames, cufflinks, tie pins, belt, buckles, Iphones and other diamond studded jewellery which have been styled eloquently.


Launch of Transformia - Modular Jewellery


Transformia - the modular collection, as the name suggests, a single piece of jewellery that you adorned can be transformed into 7 different pieces of jewellery. A haram becomes an Ottiyanam, a Pendant, a Long Necklace, a Small Necklace, Baby Necklace, a Mugappu and couples with the earring it can be modified and mixed and matched with various other styles. The Transformia collection, beautifully depicts how your favourite piece of jewellery can be used to the fullest and of course, it slides easy in your pockets.


Launch of Jingle - Vairathin Mugavare


The jingle was a brainstormed effort between the creative agency and Aishwarya and Anirudh of Viswa and Devji. A need for a jingle that represents the brand along with the commercial was identified. A team was put together comprising of Musician Anil Srinivasan, the national award winning pianist; Madhan Karky, son of the legendary Vairamuthu and popular cinema lyric writer and the person who invented Kiliki language in the movie “ Baahubali “ and Andrea Jeremiah, the famous singer and actress came together to make Vairathin Mugavare with various other artists.


About Viswa & Devji Diamonds


Viswa & Devji is a Retail Diamond jewellery Brand and a horizontally integrated Diamond Cutting and jewellery Manufacturing company that caters to customers across the world especially in the Middle East and the Far East, US, UK and the rest of the Europe. Having a thorough understanding on the intricacies of crafting fine jewellery for more than five decades , Viswa & Devji have perfected the process of sourcing flawless diamonds found across geographical boundaries, cutting them to absolute brilliance and making the finest of diamond jewellery to unmatched perfection. A niche premium player in the bridal & party wear segment, every piece is of a limited edition as it is conceptualized, designed and created in-house.


Viswa & Devji Diamonds are the makers of the finest of diamond jewellery with half a century experience in the art of jewellery making. Viswa & Devji’s special take on cutting diamonds - The Royal Cut, uses their trademark technique that uses the finest of sawn rough diamonds cut to brilliance. Craftsmanship, comfort and exquisiteness define the luxury of possessing Viswa & Devji Diamond jewellery and elevate the experience of Heartistic Luxury. There are two stores one at G.N.Chetty Road in Chennai and another at R.S.Puram in Coimbatore. The group has 15 showrooms in UAE including Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman etc. Come discover the Ultimate Diamond Destination- Viswa and Devji Diamonds since 1950, Vairathin Mugavare...


About PVR


PVR Ltd. is the largest and the most premium film exhibition company in India. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has redefined the cinema industry and the way people watch movies in the country. The company acquired Cinemax in 2012 and had taken over DT Cinemas in the year 2016 serving 75 million patrons annually. Currently PVR operates a cinema circuit of 603 screens at 132 properties in 51 cities (18 states and 1 Union Territory). PVR offers a grand collection of cinema formats like the IMAX, 4DX and ECX (Enhanced Cinema Experience) accessible to its audience. PVR's recent addition has been P[XL] - India's first premium extra-large home grown big screen format for a truly enigmatic movie watching experience..