Feb 21, 2023 02:54 PM

Hungama’s Tamil original ‘Maaya Thotta’


Hungama, India’s largest Digital Entertainment company launches ‘Maaya Thotta’, its first Tamil original. A suspense-action drama, the show features popular stars of Tamil entertainment industry, Chaitra Reddy, Amit Bhargav and Kumaran Thangarajan. Amit Bhargav plays the role of DCP Ranjan who investigates a high-profile case and goes through a whirlwind of threats and attacks to reach the real culprit.


Maaya Thotta is packed with suspense and action with an unpredictable climax that will leave the viewers stunned. Without giving anything away, Amit Bhargav shares, “As the script was being narrated to me, my mind jumpstarted into problem-solving mode trying to connect the dots. I had my own theories of how the ending would unfold but I can say with confidence that the viewers will be in equal disbelief. The twist at the end, caught me completely off-guard. Rest assured, Maaya Thotta makes for a captivating watch where every plot, every twist will take you on a journey towards an unpredictable end.”