Sep 04, 2017 07:36 PM

Bhajan Samraat Season 5


Bhajan is the symbol of Indian culture. Bhajan rekindles the heart of everyone and hence it invokes the thoughts of spiritualism, thereby makes everyone equipped with the power of winning the whole world. Through Bhajans we can realize God, our evil thoughts get vanished, clarity in thinking improves, knowledge widens and spiritual perfection strengthens. Bhajans brings men to the place of God and God to the place of men.


Sri Sankara Tv’s Bhajan Samraat Season 5, a grand platform to the members of bhajan mandalis and music schools is now open with a wide range of opportunities to make you excel in the world of Bhajans. With the support and well wishes of enormous viewers and audience, Sri Sankara Tv is about to initiate Bhajan Samraat Season 5.


The age limit for participating in Bhajan Samraat Season 5 is upto 55 years.

Sri Sankara TV welcomes you all to this grand historical event of  Bhajan SamraatSeason 5. We wish you all to be a part of this programme by contributing as a contestant, which would in turn would make bhajans of India to retain its place of Indian cultural symbol forever. Sri Sankara TV strongly believes that with our tireless effort and encouragement we can take this art of Bhajans to the globe for the wellbeing of mankind.


Join and show cause your art, bring out your hidden talent, echo your art of music in to the sky of music lovers. Without the key of luck, the door of opportunity is now open for you in the name of Bhajan Samraat Season 5, and henceforth the victory is your choice.


Note: A Bhajan team including the instrumentalists can have at-least a 7 member to the maximum of 9 members as participants.