Sep 22, 2019 05:50 PM

COLORS Tamil set to unravel fables from Hindu Mythology


Fables and tales from the Hindu mythology form a great part of Indian traditions. Bringing to life these revered classic tales, COLORS Tamil presents the first-of-its-kind show, SrimathBhagawatham that decrypts hidden values in each of the stories with Lord Krishna and Radha as the narrators. Presenting new stories every week, the show is set to explore many cultural connections and answer questions in the divine discourse given by the Supreme Lord Krishna himself.  The new epic saga will premiere on 16th September 2019 and air every Monday to Saturday at 9:00 PM.


From deciphering the difference betweenKarma and Destiny to intriguing stories about whose head Lord Shiva wears as an ornament,SrimathBhagawatham will take the audience on a mythological journey like never before. With larger than life presentation and a charming narration in Lord Krishna’s voice, viewers will get to comprehend the Agni Parkishai of Sita bestowed by Lord Rama upon their return from exile amongst other collection of mythological stories. Celebrating the myriad of stories in Indian Mythology, the show will present Lord Krishna in a new avatar, as the famous doctrine of SrimathBhagawatham to Radha, while answering her questions through tales with hidden meaning. With mythology and philosophy fused together, the narrative will also epitomize their eternal love.


Commenting on the occasion, Mr.AnupChandrashekaran, Business Head – COLORS Tamil,said “Hindu Mythology is an ocean of stories and fables that have helped us gain a strong ethical foundation in life. Today, with the world around us evolving rapidly, stories from our mythology resonate with challenges in today’s scenario and help us overcome the same with a pragmatic approach. COLORS Tamil having brought to screen many such unique, intriguing and relevant shows to its Tamil viewers across the globe is happy to presentSrimathBhagawatham that will kindle the curiosity about interesting fables in Indian literature. Presented with grandeur and creative storytelling, the show will impress old and young viewers alike without any compromise on entertainment.”