Dec 23, 2017 01:02 PM

HISTORY TV18 brings a Christmas special line up


The year end is all about memories and adventures of the year that went by and also about New Year resolutions. HISTORY TV18 brings to you some adventurous stories this December. Watch out for some nerve gripping adventures of the Spartans premiering on 23rd December’17 at 8PM. Also join the journey of two people who are out to find Jesus' DNA on The Jesus Strand premiering on 24th of December, 2017 at 8 PM. 


Spartans X:


Centuries ago there were Spartans. The best, fastest and strongest warriors in history. Spartan X is the ultimate test for the survival of the fittest: who will excel in strength, endurance and mental ability? The reality game show is a race between six women and six men from all over the world. The contestants spend their time together in a Spartan castle. 


A sober, strict and regulated existence with two main goals: to overcome obstacles and to improve every time. Competition is the driving force. Winning is the only option. The 10 episodic series revolves around breathtaking games, chilling performances, friendships that are build and the absolute drive to win every challenge that makes them Spartan X. 


The Jesus Strand: A search for DNA


Christmas is about celebrating the birth of the holy Jesus Christ. There are different stories about the descendants of Jesus. For the first time in history a man of faith and a man of science are teaming up to search for Jesus' DNA. 


By extracting and analyzing samples of each of the holy relics found using the latest advances in DNA technology, they hope to retrieve a sample of DNA that possibly belongs to Jesus or a member of his family. The special 2 episodic feature, follows the journey of the man of faith and man of science around the world from Spain and Italy to Israel and the shores of the Black Sea.