Aug 29, 2017 03:41 PM

Peppers Tv in 'Kadhoduthan Naan Pesuven'


A marriage, millions of people dream of the day they will get married. But do they dream of the conflict that might come with that marriage? Absolutely not. Kadhoduthan Naan pesuven Peppers tv in live caller TV show focuses on mental health. 


Style Icon and psychologist physiologist Rajarajeswari talking to callers about over possessiveness, suspicious nature of partner, taking care of children, dealing with in-laws, disagreement in financial issues, postpartum depression, burnout, eating disorders, exam anxiety and other varied mental health topics. If you are facing any of these, it’s time to improve your relationship! Call 044-49067777 .


This program airs on Monday to Thursday noon 1:00pm and Friday 11:00am Live telecast only on Peppers TV.