Jun 26, 2018 11:23 AM

200 Plus Theatres to start screening Moviebuff FirstClap short film

200 Plus Theatres to start screening Moviebuff FirstClap short film

The second season of Moviebuff First Clap received an overwhelming response with a more than 3 fold increase in the number of entries for the prestigious competition that culminates not just with a cash award, but also includes the possibility of an internship with a premier Production House., Moviebuff First Clap isIndia's first theatrically showcased talent hunt for aspiring filmmakers, challenging them to tell a compelling story in three minutes on any subject of their interest on January 20th 2018. Out 750 + entries, the Top 5 finalists’ films will be screened for a period of five weeks, in rotation, across 200+ theatres of the Qube Cinema Network from 29th June 2018 (For theatre list and schedule please visit www.moviebuff.com).




1. Cookerku Whistle Podu-Directed By Shyam Sundar

2. Kalki- Directed By Vishnu Edavan

3. Kambalipoochi - Directed By VG Balasubramanian

4. Mayir- Directed By Logi

5. Peraarvam- Directed By Sarang Thiagu


The above films were shortlisted by our esteemed Jury Members:


Mr. Manoj Paramahamsa (DOP), Mr. Ram Subramanian (Director), Mr. Vignesh Shivan (Director), Mr. Karthik Naren (Director), Mr. Nithilan Swaminathan (Director), Mr. Arun Prabhu (Director), Mr.Udhayakumar (Sound Engineer (Knack Studio)), Mr. Ruben (Editor), Mr. Rajasekar Karpoorasundarapandian - 2D Entertainment and Mr. Sathish Kumar - common man media (Reviewer).


For all contestants, this is a unique opportunity to have their film screened across the state, ensuring a ’movie release’ like reach and direct audience feedback. During this period, the general public will be invited to vote for their favorite film by SMS voting or app-based voting. The film with the highest votes (which shall be based on the number of public votes and the scores awarded by the panel of eminent jurists) will be declared as the winner of Moviebuff First Clap short film contest. The winner earns Rs. 3 lakhs in prize money while the first runner-up receives Rs. 2 lakh and the second runner-up Rs. 1 lakh. The winner would also be given an opportunity to narrate a script to 2D Entertainment. The winner would also have an opportunity, subject only to their willingness, to intern at 2D Entertainment.


“This season, helped us identify raw new talent and expose to various innovative stories. Screening Top 5 films across TN theatres will give a new experience for all budding filmmakers, we wish them all the best and we will be interested in working with this new class of creators. This platform gives us more options on the projects we want to support” says Suriya. His company, 2D Entertainment, focuses on quality content ensuring entertainment with a difference by nurturing innovative talent and utilizing the best of technology.


“We are extremely happy with the response to Moviebuff First Clap Season 2 and are thankful to Knack Studios for processing the post production of all the short listed movies. And Little Shows team for managing the process so efficiently. The response clearly vindicates our belief that an honest & popular platform is required to showcase the fresh talent that would otherwise be lost in a crowd due to sheer lack of a suitable opportunity. Across the 200 screens and over 5 weeks, we expect that nearly 50 Lakh viewers will have an opportunity to view these films…and that is tremendous exposure for these aspiring film makers! We thank all QUBE network theatres for supporting this initiative. For aspiring filmmakers – to watch their work on the silver screen along with the audience in various cities and towns is THE EXPERIENCE they live for.” says Arvind Ranganathan, Chief Executive Officer of Qube Cinema Technologies (QUBE).


Moviebuff.com is an end-to-end service providing information and solutions for anything related to the business of movies — onsumption, exhibition and content creation - to a variety of users, including, but not limited to, consumers, content creators, exhibitors and affiliates, and serves as a one-stop-shop for these users


Moviebuff.com aims to be an end-to-end solution for a variety of users, including, but not limited to, consumers, content creators, exhibitors and affiliates, and serves the role of a one-stop-shop for these users, providing information as well as solutions for anything related to the business of movies — consumption, exhibition and content creation. With this new contest, Moviebuff.com provides aspiring filmmakers a credible platform to showcase their work, interact with industry experts, and benefit from the opportunity to further their passion for this storytelling medium.


Moviebuff.com created five theatre groups. Each set of theatres will play the one selected film in every show during for a week for a period of five weeks. The announcement of the winning entry is slated for Aug 2018. Attached the theatre schedule.


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