Mar 17, 2024 08:16 AM

Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 unleashes “Roar-a Yethu”:Fan anthem ahead of the highly anticipated cricket season

Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 unleashes “Roar-a Yethu”:Fan anthem ahead of the highly anticipated cricket season

Get ready for an electrifying fusion of music and cricket as Coke Studio Tamil drops an energy-packed anthem "Roar-a Yethu", to cheer the Chennai team this cricket season. With this track, Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 takes it up a notch infusing unparalleled synergy of rhythm and roars that will echo through stadiums andplaylists. In an exhilarating twist Coke Studio Tamil Season 2, has orchestrated an unmissable collaboration with none other than the versatile and charismatic Indian actor, Vijay Sethupathi. This unexpected delight is set to send great vibes and energy through the cricket and music realms as Roar-a Yethu is set to ablaze the fervour of the Chennai team and elevate the spirits of their passionate fans. The track is a triple six by Coke Studio Tamil, which brings together the dynamic trio, featuring Vijay Sethupathi alongside the iconic voice of Arunraja Kamaraj and eminent composer, musician, and lyricist Sean Roldan. 


The song captures the essence of every passionate cricket fan’s excitement, highlighting the unquenchable desire for triumph. Rooted in a legacy of victory and unwavering perseverance, the Chennai team have carved an indelible mark in the cricket landscape, embodying the essence of resilience and success. "Roar-a Yethu'' pays homage to this legacy, seamlessly weaving the energy and spirit of the Chennai team. As cricket fever takes over, "Roar-a Yethu'' serves as the chant for fans, being a testament to a journey of triumphs to challenges, resonating with the fervour and dedication that define the fighting spirit.


In a seamless fusion of exceptional talents, the latest track unfolds as a symphony of diverse instruments poised to captivate the audience. From the rhythmic beats that set the pulse to the soulful tones of the violin, complemented by the commanding presence of powerful trumpets and percussions, each instrument converges to weave a vibrant tapestry of sound, elevating the energy of the song to unparalleled heights.


This song is not just a musical collaboration; it's a cultural celebration. It encapsulates the rich history of Tamil Nadu, narrating the land that proudly represents and stands as the hustler's fortress. The track highlights the resilience and progress of people while celebrating deep-rooted culture and language. As the anthem gears up to be the go-to chant for fans, it not only represents the undying support for the Chennai team but also becomes a fananthem, uniting diverse audiences under the common banner of cricket as passion. 


Vijay Sethupathi shares,”We feel Roar-a Yethu is the anthem that will motivate players to give their all on the field, a desire shared by every fan. With its perfect blend of harmonies and lyrics, it stands as the ultimate team chant. Sean Roldan's brilliant composition, alongside Arunraja's lyrics, marks a delightful collaboration. This season of Coke studio has left no stone unturned in terms of experimenting with sound and lineups to bring forth a season of top-class tracks."


Arunraja Kamaraj adds,”Roar-a Yethu beautifully captures the enthusiastic spirit of cricketfans, igniting joy and compassion for the game, powering both players and enthusiasts alike. Coke Studio Tamil- Season 2 has been a mix of many different styles and colours of music. Sean Roldan's masterful composition resonates with perfect emotions, while Vijay Sethupathi adds a fresh dimension.”


Sean Roldan added,”We aimed to make a proper Chennai song, mixing our local music style with Gaana influences. Roar-a Yethu was created to boost the spirits of both fans and players. We wanted to give fans an anthem and players some extra motivation. Every part of the song was made with this in mind. Collaborating with Vijay Sethupathi and Arunraja Kamaraj added an extra layer of brilliance, enhancing the impact of this soundtrack as a true anthem."


As T-20 cricket's most anticipated propertiesreach a crescendo, the song is just the beginning. Let the anthem echo through the days of the cricket season, harmonizing hearts with an enduring passion for cricket that is much beyond just a sport. In the days to come, let "Roar-a Yethu" be the soundtrack that accompanies every cheer, every nail-biting moment, and every triumphant celebration.


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