Nov 27, 2023 08:14 AM



CURTAIN RAISER - This is a spectacle-filled action epic that details the chequered rise and fall of the iconic French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, played by Oscar winning actor, Joaquin Phoenix. Set against a large canvas, the film captures Napoleon Bonaparte's relentless journey to power and his relationship with Josephine whom he loved genuinely! The screenplay showcases his visionary military and political tactics in the midst some of the most dynamic practical battle sequences ever showcased on the silver screen! 


SYNOPSIS –The screenplay is set during the times of the French Revolution while a young Army Officer, Napoleon Bonaparte, gains prominence as he tactfully drives the British Troops away, thereby managing the Siege of Toulon in 1793! It is now 1795 and Napoleon continues to win while rising in power! Meanwhile, he gets linked up with an aristocratic widow, Josephine (Vanessa Kirby) and eventually marries her! Battle of the Pyramids, Battle of Austerlitz and Battle of Borodino follow and he keeps consolidating his powers! The Duke of Wellington and Marshal Blucher defeat him at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. He is exiled to the island of St. Helena! Death embraced him in 1821...




Directed by-Ridley Scott

Music-Martin Phipps

Cinematography-Dariusz Wolski


The film premiered in Paris on November 14, 2023


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