Nov 28, 2020 10:42 AM

Bigg Boss Unseen clips For onlines

Bigg Boss Unseen clips For onlines

Bala and Ramesh Decode the Will


Bala and Ramesh talk about how Som stole the will, that was part of the luxury budget task, and how Bala found it. Bala clarifies that he misplaced the will only to make the task more interesting. He tells Ramesh that he wanted to find out who kept the will under Som's bed in the first place.


Whoa! Is Anitha missing Suresh?


Anitha and Sanam are talking about how Suresh was the glue holding the house together. He said he spoke to everyone and entertained everyone. Suchitra disagrees but Sanam and Anitha stick to the fact that Suresh kept everyone in their place.


Samyuktha and Ramya Don’t Clique Well


Samyuktha and Ramya are talking about groupism in the house and how Bigg Boss always pairs the groups together instead of separating them. They also say that they are the only free radicals in the house who belong to no particular group.


Rio’s Day with Dosas


Ramya praises Rio's dosa-making skills. Archana teaches Rio how to make dosas properly.


Up for some roleplay?


Housemates are given certain roles to play for the luxury budget task. Aajeedh plays Suchitra's son and housemates are mocking the roles that each of them have to play. Rio is the son-in-law and Nisha is his wife. Bala keeps bullying everyone saying he will be the heir to the property.


How bored is Nisha?


Nisha is bored and asks Jithan Ramesh, Rio to entertain her. But they start mocking her instead. She asks them to not sleep because she is bored but they don't listen to her.


An unforeseen Eggcident


Housemates are discussing how Rio wasted an egg and it is in the bin. Rio clarifies that it fell out of his hand on the floor which is why he had to throw it.